What is ATM Outsourcing?

What is ATM Outsourcing?
Financial institutions, retailers, hospitals, governments and a host of other organizations want to provide ATM cash access to their clients but are not equipped to handle the complex process. That is where CashTrans entered the picture in the mid-90’s and began offering turn-key ATM solutions which are often referred to as ATM Outsourcing.

Why consider ATM Outsourcing?

There are a large number of benefits associated with ATM outsourcing. Here is a list of the 6 major benefits regardless of the type of institution:
  • No capital required and in most cases only minimal out of pocket expenses.
  • Enhanced performance as most outsourced ATMs perform at a higher level.
  • Maintain your customer facing brand and marketing on the ATM if desired.
  • Reduce all in costs by as much as 40% if you factor reduction in employee costs.
  • Create an incremental income stream based on usage volume and pricing.
  • Free staff to focus on your core business versus ATM management.

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ATM Outsourcing and key components and our process

There are an estimated 18+ major ATM processes that CashTrans handles for its clients and much more! Here is a list and description of each…


ATM Driving

Provides operations to run the ATM


ATM Equipment

Purchase ATM equipment with no client capital


ATM Insurance

Purchase ATM insurance against loss



Balance Cash daily



Phone, LAN, wireless, Wan, connections



Insures regulatory compliance (like ADA)


Customer Help Desk

Availability 24/7/365


Gateway to Networks

Provide access to all ATM Networks



Full ATM installation


Load Cash

Provides necessary cash ongoing


Monitor Performance

Monitors cash and performance


New Software

Insures latest software


New Technology

Installs new technology like EMV


Screen Programming

Custom welcome screen and marketing



Latest techniques for high security


Service/ Maintenance

Provides all service



Settles transactions daily


Transaction Processing

Process all card types

The history of ATM Outsourcing and CashTrans


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Finding the right ATM solution to meet the challenges and opportunities of your institution is more important now than ever before!

ATM Outsourcing: CashTrans – a pioneer in developing ATM outsourced solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers – can design one or many solutions to meet the most demanding self-service ATM needs. Whether on-site or remote, through-the-wall or free-standing, one deployment or hundreds, our solutions, coupled with our professional and experienced team , deliver reduced expenses while increasing operational efficiencies, up-time & reliability!


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Community Banks across the South turned to Cash Transactions for Outsourced Solutions
Community banks across the Southeast have turned to Cash Transactions LLC, more familiarly known as CashTrans, for turn-key...
Credit Unions across the South turned to Cash Transactions for Outsourced Solutions
Credit unions across the Southeast have turned to Cash Transactions LLC, more familiarly known as CashTrans, for turn-key...
ATM Security and Compliance
ATM Outsourcing

Virginia Partners Bank
“Virginia Partners has been working with CashTrans for over six years under their premier managed services outsourcing ATM program. They have provided us with outstanding products and service in addition to ongoing consulting support. We have found this relationship to be highly beneficial financially and also it allows us to focus our human resources more effectively on our core strategies as a result.”
Lloyd Harrison, President and Chief Operating Officer,
Virginia Partners Bank

Turnkey Outsourcing Available!


At CashTrans, our outsourcing model can consist of all or some of your required ATM’ing elements. We deliver a custom solution based on your needs and objectives!

Featured Client: Farmers and Merchants Bank

Farmers and Merchants Bank

Farmers and Merchants Bank in Piedmont, Alabama has expanded its footprint by partnering with CashTrans for a remote ATM outsourced solution in Anniston, Alabama.