Branch Transformation

Making the Branch Personal

Many financial institutions are looking to improve branch efficiencies while at the same time enhance the customer experience. To accomplish this it requires the adoption of new advanced self-service technologies coupled enhanced staff service. The access and flow of the new branches of today are not only pleasing to the eye esthetically, they are more efficient with the reduction in staff handling cash, if not eliminating it all together, while at the same time mitigating risks and weaknesses in security.
“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”
Steve Jobs, Apple Computer

Branch Transformations

  • Deposit Automation (Assisted/Self-Service)
  • Advanced Self-Service Kiosks
  • Advanced Cash Dispense and Recyclers
  • Video ATMs & Kiosks
  • Integrated Mobile Banking Solutions
  • Next Generation Drive-Up Tech
  • Advisory Services


“Adopting more technology-oriented and automated branch models has enabled LGE to reduce operational expenses, while enhancing the experience for our members!”
Chris A. Leggett, President/CEO, LGE
Since 1996, CashTrans has specialized in the deployment of cost efficient ATMs and has provided unparalleled processing services for independent financial institutions and small businesses. Our program consists of a complete full-service solution with both “Help Desk,” “On-Site Service” and transaction processing. All equipment is serviced by Certified ATM Technicians strategically located to offer the fastest response time possible. CashTrans is committed to maintaining its leadership and to providing the latest technologies available in the industry today.

CashTrans is your resource to integrate and deliver the latest in operations and technology solutions!signature

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