“Rethink Your ATM Security Strategy”

Security is one of the most challenging areas of a financial institution’s operations and choosing the most effective security program can be overwhelming. As security breaches and threats increase in frequency and sophistication, it’s imperative to be aware of how ATM security has changed and reevaluate your current security strategy.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

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  • Changes, trends and challenges in criminal attack techniques impacting security operations
  • Examples of successful attacks based on information security, process and management mistakes
  • Innovative techniques and emerging solutions that will make a difference in your fraud loss profile and help transform security operations
  • How ATMs are changing from unmanaged endpoints on a network to a segmented and secured system
  • How corporate IT and Risk Management should be involved in an ATM fleet to round out your security operations

Diebold Presenters:
Scott Harroff
Chief Information Security Architect
Ryan Elkins
Senior Manager- Information Security

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